Making the Most Out of Your Home Design

The trends in housing have changed over the years, and recently there’s been a shift in preference to features previously considered unconventional or tacky. This doesn’t necessarily mean that homeowners and buyers have compromised style for function, it’s just that the situation forced everyone to reconsider priorities and plan for the long haul. There are several trends worth noting in today’s homes, and you should think of including these in your next renovation, prioritize these features the next time you scout for your new house.


Accessibility has always been the staple of functional homes, but for buyers investing in their future, homes should be furnished to accommodate their years. This is especially true for baby boomers who are getting along in years; an accessible home means ramps instead of stairs, handle railings on bathrooms and along corridors, wider doors and hallways for better mobility. The floor plan only involves a single floor of space, most of the living space accommodated on the first floor at the very least.

Maximize Storage Space

Garages should accommodate more storage space, not only for vehicles but also for hoarded knickknacks men might drag into their man-caves. A couple starting out in a small home will eventually look for more space as the family grows, and since most clutter either end up in the attic or in the garage, you’ll have to make sure there’s enough room to stash stuff you can’t haul to your attic. Garage space is premium property in a family home, and it’s one of the few things you should invest on in yours.

Maximize Floor Space, on the First Floor

You can’t be faulted for maximizing available space in your home, especially when the cost of square footage peaks on the market. Houses used to have separate rooms for functions; a home office, recreation room, media center, stock room. You can’t afford to squander all that space when you have so little to spare, though. You’ll have to maximize what’s available and furnish rooms for multiple functions. You can build nooks on your kitchen, adjacent to study rooms where your children are within earshot. Making the most out of what’s available means you have to rearrange everything to make your home life more efficient.

Easy-Build Options

In case you’re planning on building a new home from scratch, you should consider a kit home as a substitute to standard construction. The design and build are at par with the best homes in your neighborhood, and you’re not breaking any council laws with kits assembled to meet the specifications of your locale. You can learn more about kit homes if you’re concerned about stability and versatility. The features you’ll find in usual brick-and-mortar houses are easily incorporated in homes manufactured and assembled to meet your needs and preferences in construction.